Witness of other times

Built at the behest of N. D. Angelina Adragna d'Altavilla on a project by Eng. Gaspare Di Maggio, the villa was completed in 1926 and originally the property extended over an area of about 12 hectares.

During the Second World War it was requisitioned several times. According to what was reported in some notes found, on 17 August 1941 Captain Bruno Mussolini, the Duce's first born, came to visit the structure and find it to his liking. The following day his brother, Lieutenant Vittorio Mussolini, II son of the Duce, withdrew the keys.

In January 1942 the German allied soldiers stayed there and in April of that year it was requisitioned again by the Sicilian Air Force Command. Some drawings made by the soldiers during those periods of occupation are still visible on the walls of the villa's attic.

Villa Angelina - charming rooms & apartments.
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